• Take simple precautions to avoid frozen pipes

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  • Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities
    With frigid temperatures upon us, the pipes in homes are at risk of damage from freezing conditions. Low temperatures and wind chills can cause water pipes to freeze and, in some cases, burst.
    Residents can take precautions to safeguard their homes against a pipe freeze. Keep all basement, garage and common area doors closed. Don’t set the thermostat below 55 degrees if leaving home for a few days — try to have a friend stop by to check in. An extended-absence-from-home form can be obtained at the Fort Leavenworth Frontier Heritage Communities office at 220 Hancock Ave. This form lets residents to appoint someone to notify in case of an emergency.
    Remember to let a steady drip of water run from the highest faucet in the house. Also leave plumbing cabinet doors along exterior walls open so room heat can reach the pipes.
    If a pipe does burst, know how to turn off the home’s water supply quickly to minimize damage. Feel free to ask a maintenance technician to help locate the shut-off valve during the next visit.
    For questions about maintenance issues, contact the Maintenance Department at (913) 651-3838.
    Residents are also asked to be mindful of blowing trash in the housing areas. Brisk winds will easily grab loose trash, especially recyclable materials, and quickly scatter it throughout the neighborhoods. Trash and recycle containers should also be properly stored as soon as trash is collected.
    Football photo contest
    FLFHC wants families to submit a photo of themselves in their favorite team’s football gear. The winners will receive a football party package just in time for the big game. Submissions are due Jan. 25 and winners will be announced Feb. 1. E-mail a family photo to fhc@tmo.com.
    Cooking demo
    FLFHC will partner with Rico’s Island Delight BBQ and Spruce Street Liquor to present a cooking demonstration and spirits tasting 6-8 p.m. Jan. 30 in the community center at 220 Hancock Ave. While the event is currently full, residents can be added to the waiting list by calling (913) 682-6300 or e-mailing fhc@tmo.com.
    Super Savers
    The Super Saver program is designed to promote conservation in the home and increase awareness and understanding of the information on resident utility statements.
    Residents can nominate themselves for the Super Saver of the Month award by submitting a nomination form, which can be found on the FLFHC website at www.ftleavenworthfamilyhousing.com. Bring the form and a copy of the most recent utilities statement to the FLFHC office at 220 Hancock Ave. by the 21st of each month.
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    Only about 10 percent of the energy used by a bulb creates light — the rest of the energy creates heat — so remember to turn off lights when they are not needed.
    Watch for more community event announcements on Facebook, followed by a One-Call Now e-mail message with event details, and don’t forget to follow FLFHC on Twitter. Visit the FLFHC website at www.ftleavenworthfamilyhousing.com for downloadable forms and other useful information.
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