• Change of leaders at Army University

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  • Katie Peterson | Staff Writer
    Brig. Gen. Scott Efflandt relinquished responsibility as provost of Army University and deputy commandant of the Command and General Staff College to interim provost and deputy commandant Brig. Gen. Troy Galloway in a change of responsibility ceremony Dec. 7 in Arnold Conference Room of the Lewis and Clark Center.
    “We gather today to mark an important milestone in the comparatively short lineage of Army University,” Efflandt said. “In a symbolic gesture known as the change of charter ceremony, we are installing the third provost of Army University.”
    Efflandt assumed responsibility of Army University on Sept. 7, 2017. His previous assignment was as the deputy commanding general (maneuver) for the 1st Infantry Division.
    During the ceremony, Lt. Gen. Michael Lundy, Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth commanding general, CGSC commandant and Army University vice chancellor, presented Efflandt with the Legion of Merit, the Army University Star and the Leavenworth Lamp. French Army Col. Pierre-Olivier Marchand, CAC French liaison officer, presented Efflandt with the gold-level French National Defence Medal.
    “When I found out Scott Efflandt and (his wife), Ann, were coming to us as a part of this team, I was relieved because I knew there was a huge challenge that needed to be met by the right command team and that was really able to stand up Army University, to take it from its initial operating capability to its full operating capability,” Lundy said. “I also knew that there was significant change that needed to be made in the college because the environment was changing.
    “It was going to have to happen very rapidly, and I knew that (Efflandt) was the right guy to be able to come in here and lead that change. That is the hardest thing we can do as leaders is be able to lead effective change. So, to be able to come into the provost position and make that what it should be, Scott has done that and done it very well,” he said. “So, to you Scott, you have my personal gratitude for your selfless service because I know of no one who is more selfless than you. The commitment you have made to our Army and the dedication you and Ann have to make our Army better and our families better has been at the forefront of everything you’ve done.”
    Efflandt compared his time with Army University to a dining room table at home.
    “It is a place where you come, you enjoy the camaraderie, you’re a better person for it and then when you leave CAC you’re recharged, you’ve got new information and you’re ready for the next adventure. At least, that is how I think about family dinners,” Efflandt said. “I could go on for hours about anecdotes that stand out and resonate with me day to day as I do my business as an officer, but for all of these reasons and assorted stories, Leavenworth for me has become hallowed ground.
    Page 2 of 2 - “It is a place of reverence and because of that, I’ve been humbled to have the opportunity to serve here as the deputy commandant and provost,” he said. “The last year and a half has flown by in part by all that has transpired. The office of the provost has matured from an interoperational concept to a full operational activity … Significant changes like these don’t occur by accident, but on the backs of lots of hard work.”
    Efflandt’s next assignment is in Fort Hood, Texas.
    Galloway became the deputy commanding general of the U.S. Army CAC Army National Guard on March 10, 2016. In that assignment, he serves as the principal ANG advisor to the commanding general, ensuring that ANG mission readiness and future force requirements are considered and integrated into the Army Total Force.
    “As we bid farewell to one great leader, we don’t welcome another one because Troy has been here with us for quite some time, but as I looked around to who needed to take the reins for this critical organization within the CAC team, there was nobody that I could think of that would be better than Troy,” Lundy said.
    “I asked him to take the mound and I’m appreciative of the fact that he is. I absolutely know that he will continue to drive in the direction that Scott has had this formation moving in. We’ll see great things here in the future, and I know that you’ll be fully supported by everybody in this room and throughout the entire team. You have my utmost confidence.”
    Galloway said he was honored to be on the Army University team.
    “I had the opportunity to go to (the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) and observe firsthand the quality of education that has taken place down in our schools. I witnessed firsthand the impact that that education and those opportunities have on our western hemisphere partner nation students. They absolutely send their best and brightest,” Galloway said.
    “I’ve observed similar in our own classrooms here at the (CGSC) and just know that I understand and acknowledge the impact that we have collectively every day on the readiness that we’re trying to build in our Army.”
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