• Be familiar with winter weather procedures

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  • Garrison Public Affairs Office
    Fort Leavenworth personnel are reminded to review the Fort Leavenworth winter weather standard operating procedures on how personnel are notified of delayed openings/early releases and how the post will operate in the event of severe weather. Leaders should ensure all personnel are aware of these procedures and that they have identified personnel responsible for clearing snow and ice from the sidewalks and steps of their activity. To review the procedures for Fort Leavenworth go to https://home .army.mil/leavenworth/index.php/my-fort/all-services/emergency-management.
    On behalf of the installation commander, the Garrison commander along with the Combined Arms Center chief of staff will make the decision to curtail or delay operations at CAC and Fort Leavenworth. During duty hours, the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security will announce a “time-phased” departure using the AT Hoc mass warning and notification system (desktop alert, text message, phone, e-mail, app). Garrison Public Affairs will publish the information on Facebook as well as e-mail via the command information distribution list, which goes to primary and alternate points of contact in each organization on post.
    During non-duty hours, the AT Hoc system will be used to notify those registered. Additional road status information is available at https://home.army.mil/leavenworth/index.php/about/post-status. The current post status is also available by calling 684-1600.
    Employees must use their chain of command to receive information on delayed openings or early release. Do not call the Emergency Operations Center, the staff duty officer or other post emergency contacts. Soldiers, DA civilians and contractors should ensure that their contact information is up to date in AT Hoc in order to get notified appropriately.
    In addition, PAO will contact local media outlets and community access channels off post in Leavenworth and Lansing. Employees, however, should not depend on local media announcements as the official means of notification. The information will also be posted on Fort Leavenworth’s Facebook page as quickly as possible.
    USD 207 has separate decision authority and procedures and coordinates its decision with the installation staff. USD 207 will notify local television and radio stations when schools are closed. Questions about USD 207 should be directed to (913) 651-7373.
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