• MPs celebrate 77th anniversary with run

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  • Katie Peterson | Staff Writer
    The Military Police Corps was established on Sept. 26, 1941, and in honor of its 77th anniversary, the 40th MP Battalion (Detention) ran 77 miles around the streets of Fort Leavenworth Sept. 26.
    Beginning in the early morning hours, the companies of the 40th took turns running seven laps each — 15.4 miles — around the golf course with the battalion colors and the guidon of the current company leading the way.
    This is the second year for the anniversary run.
    “That’s how we celebrate in the Army,” said 1st Lt. Tyler Hines, assistant operations officer, 40th. “(It is) a challenging, daunting task that we accomplish together as a team.”
    The theme of the 77th anniversary is “Valor in Action.”
    “That can mean a lot of things going on in the MP Corps, but what you do every day is valor in action,” said Lt. Col. Kevin Payne, battalion commander.
    “It is a celebration of what you do every single day and we appreciate it,” he said. “We all have our different roles, but it is one big team.”
    Pfc. Donovan Lloid, 291st MP Company, said the team aspect came through while the companies ran.
    “I’m not much of a good runner so coming out here and running laps is definitely one of my greater obstacles, but at the end of it, it feels good,” he said. “Everybody is out here. If you’re a good runner, a bad runner, everyone is running together and even if you start struggling, at some point, everyone is struggling together. So, it is more of a motivational thing.”
    Staff Sgt. Milton Jordan, 526th MP Company, said the run helped build esprit de corps among the companies and the battalion.
    “You get out there and you run with your brothers and your sisters and it is fun to do,” Jordan said. “Running has always been a part of the military and it is something to carry on. We’re running, we’re singing cadence and from a leader aspect, it gives leaders a chance to get out there and really bond with their soldiers.”
    Col. Caroline Horton, 15th MP Brigade commander, said the MP Corps has evolved.
    “Seventy-seven years later, we’re still doing what we do,” Horton said. “Throughout the years, (the MP Corps has) changed to meet the needs of the combatant commanders on the field of battle, whatever is needed and whatever is necessary.
    “During the Tet Offensive in the 1960s, the MP Corps transitioned from combat service support to combat support based on what we provided,” she said. “The MP Corps has continued to provide for the military and provide for the Army and our nation those needed skillsets that all the MPs provide. Whenever the call happens, we stand up and we go.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Horton said celebrating an anniversary is about reflecting on the past, present and future.
    “Today, we honor all those MPs before us, we honor the MPs that are currently serving now and today in our formation, and we honor the MPs in the future that will continue to answer the call,” she said.
    “For many of you who are new, you’re here in the present but you’re our future. All of us senior leaders are eventually going to move on. For the officers out there, you’re the future. What does our future hold, we don’t know, but what I do know is that we’re going to constantly evolve to meet the challenges that are presented in front of us. It is all about evolution and it is all about training our people to meet the needs of the maneuver commander and whenever the battlefield calls, whenever our nation needs us.”
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