• Welcome to Munson Army Health Center

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  • Col. David M. Cassella | Commander, Munson Army Health Center
    Welcome to Munson Army Health Center. It is my distinct honor to command this incredible team of health care professionals. Our team here at MAHC is dedicated to improving the readiness of our soldiers, Marines, airmen and sailors while promoting health and prevention services to our families and beneficiaries in the Fort Leavenworth community. Through this care, we strive to develop, support and enhance the quality of life and the resilience of our entire community.
    We know that our patients have a choice when it comes to their health care. It is our vision and hope that our passionate and patient-focused professionals will inspire the greater Fort Leavenworth community members to proactively participate in their health care; therefore, significantly improving their health and wellness. We strive to serve our patients better and meet the demands of our beneficiaries.
    Army Medicine is at the forefront of meeting the Army Chief of Staff’s objective to improve and sustain readiness. Our ability to deliver services is largely driven by how patients access our facility for care. MAHC is a leader in our region and in Army Medicine in access-to-care standards, and in the central region in our business metrics, which demonstrates our commitment to an efficient and effective health care delivery system. Our current appointment availability exceeds demand, meaning there are more appointments available than being requested. From our appointment clerks to our providers, we strive to take care of each patient to create an excellent patient experience.
    As mentioned, accessing our facility is fundamental to receiving services at MAHC. Most people are aware of using our appointment line to call for an appointment. There are several other ways that a patient can get an appointment at MAHC. I want to highlight and promote the TRICARE online link. Beneficiaries can make acute and future appointments, send messages to their provider, look at lab results and see the status of medication refills. In addition, with our Secure Message System, a patient may communicate with the medical home team, request an appointment, consult and renew medications, request and see lab results, or ask a question. For more information on Secure Messaging, see the MAHC clinic front desk staff to sign up for this service.
    Army Medicine is working hard to evolve from a traditional health care system, focused on treating illnesses, into a system for health, focused on maximizing our patients’ health and well-being. MAHC supports this evolution through the Army Wellness Center in Eisenhower Hall on the Command and General Staff College campus. The Army Wellness Center, which is available to all of our enrolled patients at Fort Leavenworth, houses a motivated team of health and wellness coaches dedicated to helping each client develop and execute a personal plan to improve his or her health.
    Page 2 of 2 - We have expanded our physical therapy department by adding occupational therapy to create the Rehabilitation Center, which provides a complete and comprehensive group of services to restore physical health. Our physical therapists now have walk-up access, so you can self-refer and receive appointments and treatments to help restore your health. Finally, those having surgery with a civilian provider can coordinate with physical therapy before their surgery so we can provide post-surgical rehabilitation right here at MAHC.
    We fully recognize that we serve our patients and community, and we sincerely seek feedback and engagement to help us improve. MAHC participates in several customer feedback forums. The Joint Outpatient Experience Survey, or J.O.E.S., is sent to patients who see our health care professionals. The survey is used by Army and Department of Defense leaders to measure community satisfaction with the care we provide down to the individual provider level. We also actively participate in the Interactive Customer Evaluation program at Fort Leavenworth, providing us more descriptive and personal feedback to see ourselves. All of this is tied together by our patient advocates who add a personal touch to these survey tools and welcome any patient who wishes to speak directly with us. No matter how our patients wish to contact us, we recognize that the feedback from our community is a critical enabler to help us continue to excel in providing great service.
    For more information about MAHC, visit our website at http://www.munson.health.mil/ or call 684-6000 with any questions regarding services or schedules. You can also follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com /munsonhealth or Twitter at www.twitter.com/munsonhealth.
    MAHC is proud to serve the “Best Hometown in the Army,” and I am an honored caretaker of this amazing asset.
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