• AMSC opens doors to non-DoD civilians

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  • Stephen P. Kretsinger Sr. | Combined Arms Center Public Affairs
    The Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board has partnered with the Army Management Staff College to offer its catalog of leadership courses to non-Department of Defense federal employees. Located at Fort Leavenworth, AMSC educates and develops the Army Civilian Corps for leadership and management responsibilities throughout the Army. It has served the Army’s civilian workforce for more than 20 years.
    “We are thrilled that the Greater Kansas City Federal Executive Board has partnered with the Army Management Staff College to offer local federal employees the opportunity to grow their leadership skills through the Army premier education academy,” said Larry Hisle, executive director of the FEB. “This furthers both of our goals of having the best federal workforce possible.”
    “Because our civilians work in a joint, interagency environment, we believe this partnership will be beneficial to both communities of practice,” said Dr. Robert Brunk, director of Innovation and Strategy for AMSC. “We felt it was important to have all these different agencies be part of our discussion and small-group learning. If there is someone who could provide an alternate point of view as we give them problems to deal with, it helps open up the aperture and the students begin to appreciate the scope and perspective of the complexity of life.”
    Brunk said the goal is to have all the course participants become critical and creative thinkers, to manage with emotional intelligence, to accomplish their mission and improve their organizations.
    “This is a benefit to the Army Civilian Corps to have these interagency leaders sit at the table with us and, from the non-DoD civilian point of view, they have nothing like this,” Brunk said. “When I gave the FEB an overview of our progressive and sequential nature of developing leaders, they were appreciative of what we were accomplishing.”
    The college offers multiple courses to civilian employees at specific grade levels. The courses are a combination of online distance learning and resident course at Fort Leavenworth. There are four courses of interest to non-DoD federal employees — the Basic Course for GS-07 to GS-09, Intermediate Course for GS-10 to GS-12, Advanced Course for GS-13 to GS-15 and the Continuing Education for Senior Leaders for GS-14 and GS-15. The stated grade eligibility requirements are firm and generally cannot be waived. There is no cost to attend this training; travel costs are the responsibility of the student’s sponsoring organization.
    “While these courses focus on developing civilian leaders at various levels within the Department of the Army, there exists applications throughout the federal civilian workforce,” Brunk said.
    Additionally, participants will begin with the online Foundation Course. This training is meant to bring students from outside an understanding of Army terms and traditions.
    Page 2 of 2 - “Folks that come to us straight out of college or from a business background may not know what Army Values are,” Brunk said. “As you bring new people onboard who don’t understand those concepts, they may have a hard time integrating into the workforce. That is what the Foundation Course addresses.”
    For more information, visit https://usacac.army.mil/organizations/cace/amsc/regInfo or contact the Federal Executive Board office at 816-823-5100 or e-mail feb.mail@gsa.gov.
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