• Museum specialists share preservation tips, techniques

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  • Katie Peterson | Staff Writer
    Frontier Army Museum Specialists Megan Hunter and Russ Ronspies gave a presentation on techniques to care for and preserve family treasures during the Friends of the Frontier Army Museum’s museum night May 1 at the Frontier Army Museum.
    Hunter offered attendees tips on how to properly handle artifacts, which included wearing gloves, not exposing artifacts to excess light, inspecting and recording the condition of objects on a regular basis, and controlling agents of deterioration, such as light, pollutants, humidity, temperature and pests. The most common pests include moths, beetles, silverfish and mice, but they can be avoided through proper house-cleaning and storing of artifacts, she said.
    Ronspies briefed attendees on the correct way to store different items in a collection. Papers and photographs should be stored flat, have minimum exposure to light and be protected in a polyester sleeve. Books should not be packed tightly and large books should not be stored upright to avoid stress on the spine and joints. Textiles should be laid flat if possible or hung on a padded hanger, and hats or boots should be stuffed for proper support. To avoid oxidation of metal buttons on wool coats, Ronspies suggested creating a barrier with Mylar or acid-free paper.
    For more information on how to care for and preserve artifacts, contact FAM at (913) 684-3767.
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