• Ike students shop smart, donate groceries

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  • Katie Peterson | Staff Writer
    Sixth-graders from Eisenhower Elementary School visited the Fort Leavenworth Commissary for a special shopping trip Dec. 1 to help those in need.
    For three weeks, students earned money by doing chores at home and raised more than $700. They used the money to purchase groceries, which were donated to the Leavenworth Assistance Center.
    “Students did chores, helping out at home, helping their neighbors, doing small favors for friends and families,” said Eisenhower sixth-grade teacher Debra Salvatorelli. “Many people, once hearing of where the money was going, contributed to the project even more.”
    Salvatorelli said there were several learning components to the project.
    “This service project teaches our students about serving others, budgeting their money and home economics,” Salvatorelli said. “Their assignment is to find the best deals at the Commissary by using unit rate and comparative shopping. They were to purchase food items that were nutritious and healthy — needs rather than wants.”
    Throughout the shopping trip, students learned about how to save using coupons and how to best stretch their money. For example, instead of getting one large bottle of honey for $8, students opted to get two smaller bottles of honey for just a few cents more so that two families could benefit.
    Student Elaina Lee said she already knew about saving money, but the project helped her learn how to manage a set budget.
    “It’ll help me with like knowing what foods to get (and) how to balance the money I have to use,” Lee said.
    Student Josiah McDaneld said he learned a lot about the “real-life math, how to calculate and make logical reasoning on what to buy, what not to buy,” as the accountant for his group.
    Though students learned about budgeting and saving, the main point was giving back.
    “In the past, students were able to continue their service through helping others by giving of their time in other areas. We want our students to be positive leaders in society and to continue the leadership habits we have been emphasizing all year,” Salvatorelli said. “We want our students to learn how to be giving citizens so it becomes a habit in adulthood.”
    McDaneld said it made him feel good.
    “It feels really good because I like being able to help people and … being able to help the people that are less fortunate than we are,” he said. “I think it’s a good experience and I think that it’s also taught me a lot.”
    Salvatorelli said she was proud of the students, both past and present.
    “Through the 20-plus years Eisenhower has been doing this service project, our students have donated (more than) $20,000 worth of (non-perishable) food for the Leavenworth Assistance Center,” she said. “We are extremely proud of the students and thank the Fort Leavenworth Commissary for all their help and support.”
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