• Training, diet lead to bodybuilding titles

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  • Christopher Burnett | Staff Writer
    Dionne Smith is the executive officer for the Fort Leavenworth Garrison where she provides staff direction and coordinates organization projects. She is also a prize-winning professional bodybuilder and member of the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation.
    Smith, a retired Army major, won first place in the Women’s Physique category at the 2017 Wayman-White Champions Invitational June 10 in Auburn, Wash. She finished second last year at the International Fitness and Physique Association Pro Elite World Championships.
    “This is my second year competing as an International Pro Elite Pro Natural Bodybuilder,” Smith said. “The (International Pro Elite) is the professional side of the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation.”
    Smith said she began bodybuilding while looking for a challenging goal after retiring from the Army in September 2015.
    “I hired an online trainer in February 2016 and started training for my first competition,” Smith said.
    Smith said nutrition is essential to becoming a professional natural bodybuilder. She said not having the right meal plan in place can negatively affect body composition.
    “Training for a competition takes discipline and self-motivation,” Smith said. “The goal is to reduce body fat and keep your muscularity. Detailed workout and meal plans are the keys.”
    Smith said her first competition was a local show in May 2016, the Me vs. Me Beauty and Bodies Competition. She competed in the figure category and won four trophies.
    “In June 2016, I placed second in Figure Masters (age 45 and above category) at Muscle Mayhem, a National Physique Committee competition,” Smith said. “Later in June, I earned my International Pro Elite Pro Card in Masters Figure at the St. Louis Natural Bodybuilding Classic.”
    Smith said she trained herself for the two shows, and her professional debut in the figure category was at the Pro Elite Pro International in September 2016.
    “I ended 2016 at the Pro Elite World Championships in November where I kicked off the heels (worn while competing in the figure category) and began competing in (the) physique (category) for the very first time and placed second.”
    Smith said for the 2016 professional events she hired two well-known and well-respected trainers in the North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation. She said her first professional trainers were Fred Rowlett of Rowlett Productions and Liz Kampschroeder of Laser Sharp Fitness.
    “I took a little bit of time off and in March 2017 started training for the International Pro Elite Wayman-White Champions Invitational where I placed first in physique and qualified for the World Championships, which will be held Nov. 11, 2017, in Liberty, Mo.,” Smith said.
    Smith said she only competes and trains with natural bodybuilding organizations.
    “Although each competitor’s training methods and diets differ, being drug-free allows all competitors to be on the same playing field,” Smith said. “And there is great satisfaction knowing that when you step on stage, you shaped your body through sheer hard work, determination and properly fueling your body.”
    Page 2 of 2 - Smith said she was overwhelmed and grateful for winning first place at the 2017 International Pro Elite Wayman-White Champions Invitational. She said her sole purpose for competing at that event was to qualify for the International Pro Elite World Championships, which she did.
    “With that accomplishment, I continue to train and prepare for the IPE World Championships in November,” Smith said. “After that, (I will) take a short break and then start preparing for the 2018 season.”
    The women’s physique category consists of two parts — group comparisons and individual presentations. Competitors wear two-piece suits for both rounds. The muscular development, leanness, symmetry and presentation of competitors are the factors in judging criteria.
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