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  • The Fort Leavenworth schools are considered to be among the best in the nation and occupy a position at the very top of the educational system of Kansas. Commitment to quality education and success for every student are hallmarks of the Fort Leavenworth School District.

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  • The Fort Leavenworth public schools, Unified School District 207, have been part of the educational system of the state of Kansas since 1901.
    Geographically, USD 207 is composed entirely of federal property that includes Fort Leavenworth, the Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery and the U.S. Penitentiary. The buildings, which belong to the school district, are on land leased from the federal government. USD 207 is a Kansas public school system and does not have any connection with the Department of Defense Dependent School System.
    The district provides instruction for kindergarten through ninth grade. Senior high school students usually attend Leavenworth High School, which is part of the Leavenworth school system.
    The post schools operate under the provisions of Kansas state law, applicable federal laws and regulations of the U.S. Department of Education. Kansas law states that the Board of Education will consist of a president, vice president and one member. The law also states that the board will be appointed by the commanding general of Fort Leavenworth.
    Commitment to quality education and success for every student are hallmarks of the Fort Leavenworth School District. The school improvement plans provide a blueprint for school-based initiatives, strategies and benchmarked standards. School site councils monitor continued improvement. The district exit outcomes identify broad goals for all students and are used to gauge or benchmark student programs and program effectiveness.
    The Fort Leavenworth schools are considered to be among the best in the nation and occupy a position at the very top of the educational system of Kansas. This enviable position begins with a student body of exceptionally high quality. When combined with parents who have an unusually high level of formal education and a sincere interest in the schooling their children receive, USD 207 operates its schools in a very favorable environment.
    To view district and school building report cards, visit http://online .ksde.org/rcard.
    District facilities consist of four schools and one central administration building. The district also has a warehouse and transportation center. All schools in the district are extensively renovated and all life-safety features are upgraded. All schools have at least the following: auditorium, gymnasium, full-service kitchen, cafeteria, technology classrooms, two computer labs, separate art and music rooms and a full-service library media center. All schools are maintained in excellent condition based on a planned program of preventive maintenance. All classrooms are air conditioned, and every teacher has a computer and telephone on his or her desk.
    Eisenhower Elementary School opened for schoolyear 2003-04. A state-of-the-art 93,000-square-foot facility, Eisenhower offers students a warm and inviting environment in which to learn.
    MacArthur Elementary School was renovated and classrooms added in 1998 and 2005. This school is also state-of-the-art and is noted for its inviting nature court. A new school scheduled to open in 2016 west of Hancock Avenue will replace MacArthur Elementary School.
    Page 2 of 3 - Bradley Elementary School was also renovated and classrooms added in 2007. Bradley offers students a comfortable and stimulating educational experience. The school is host to a domed theater, which provides an educational experience for all district students.
    Patton Junior High School was renovated in 2005. The junior high boasts — in addition to those amenities listed — a separate technology lab, as well as a science technology lab. The focus in this school is on academics, sports and life skills. A second competition gymnasium, a completely new kitchen and cafeteria/ eatery, four new classrooms and an art room with computer graphics capabilities were completed in the renovation.
    Enrollment for the 2013-14 schoolyear was 1,742. For a complete copy of the USD 207 enrollment policy and guidelines, visit www.usd207.org. Enrollment has fluctuated over the past five years from a high of 2,046 to a low of 1,643. More than 50 percent of students leave at the end of the schoolyear when their parents are reassigned to other posts.
    Instruction is organized on a grade pattern of K-6 and 7-9. Kindergarten classes have full-day sessions; parents can choose to have their child attend only half-day. The K-6 program is coordinated districtwide so that all students in the same grade or class, although attending different schools, follow a common curriculum and work toward common learning objectives. A diversity of courses challenge students at all levels.
    Supplementary services are provided for students who need extra help in reading. In addition to Title 1 programs, the district offers support through reading specialists and instructional aides.
    Special services and programs are available to all children of Fort Leavenworth, including classrooms for EMH, TMH, SMH and autistic students; resource rooms for learning disabilities and gifted education; and services for speech therapy, hearing impaired, orthopedically handicapped and occupational therapy. An Early Childhood Special Education Services preschool program is available for 3- to 5-year-olds.
    A gifted program is in place in grades one through nine. Students at the junior high level have an opportunity to take advanced classes, such as second-year foreign language, biology and algebra II. The district recognizes and provides for varying needs leading to success and provides challenging programs beyond the core courses to those students who qualify.
    Class size varies in all buildings, but the district strives to keep kindergarten and primary class sizes low. Kindergarten class sizes usually range from 15-23 students, first grade from 16-21 students and second grade from 18-24 students.
    Extracurricular activities provide opportunities for extension of special interests and abilities. Included are academic and special interest clubs, student government and athletics. There are a variety of interscholastic sports opportunities offered for boys and girls in grades seven through nine.
    Transportation is available free to students who live beyond a reasonable walking distance from their neighborhood school. The Fort Leavenworth Board of Education provides bus transportation as a service to the community.
    Page 3 of 3 - Students in grades 10-12 who live on post are provided free bus transportation to and from Leavenworth High School. Additional buses are provided for ninth-graders at Patton Junior High School who attend Junior ROTC at Leavenworth High School. Ninth-grade students who live on post but wish to attend LHS can ride the bus for a $550 transportation fee.
    Students living on post and attending Leavenworth High School should call the district office at 684-7373 for busing schedules.
    A major goal of USD 207 is to prepare students for the future. Educational and career possibilities suggest the need for introducing technology at the earliest opportunity.
    Students who are able to experience computer applications at an early age significantly enhance their abilities to solve problems, develop reasoning skills and organize information. Those who understand technology and are able to use it in real-world applications will have an advantage as they prepare to assume their places as contributing members of society.
    Each elementary school has two 25-station computer labs. Students have access to a variety of stand-alone applications and network software as well as online services, including the Internet. In addition, each classroom contains at least three student computer stations with instructional software and online services.
    Open communication is highly valued in the Fort Leavenworth school district. Residents are encouraged to call or write to school board members and the superintendent of schools when they have questions or comments. During the year, information is provided through the Fort Leavenworth Lamp and various mailings from the schools. Residents are also encouraged to participate on building and district committees. Shared decision-making teams, with parent membership, are in place in all district schools.
    Community involvement has been and continues to be very important. Children in USD 207 have benefited greatly from the support of a community that places a premium on quality education for its youth.
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